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tv   Newsline  PBS  December 8, 2013 8:30pm-9:01pm PST

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this. did. glance at me with an sunday's edition of nice line it's monday to sender nine crime capital and shea and tokyo. members of that north korea's ruling party has confirmed something that speed limits that day. they announced that the uncle of the routine junk bond has being dismissed as on tanks and as vice chairman of the national defense commission and was widely seen as his mentor the political bureau of
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the workers' party an ounce cans dismissal through state run media is said the decision was made at a meeting in pyongyang on sunday attended i can jump on teams that can hamper efforts to build a strong and prosperous nation he said ten was co opted by capitalism and downs in a deep pain to livestock. officials with the south korean intelligence service said last week academy. the men they are and they said two of his aides may have being executed i must say there may have been a power struggle within the leadership. people in bangkok are bracing for another major demonstration protesters are calling for the resignation of thai prime minister eamon auctioneer want their clandestine won nine races in the capital to what the prime minister's office in the final showdown the city government is influenced by a nice brother the former prime ministers thompson channel on the lead of the largest opposition party the pc to return to one said more than one hundred and fifty parliament members from his party will resign in
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nashua support for the print ads. it's been in almost a month now. and we've been waiting on the government to show its responsibility. sent out to the people. so that the country condemned stock of france. i may seem like said on sunday that she's ready to call the elections the ep. i knew when to dissolve the house to resign in the face a serious condition that can stop all the coughing you know. a non candidate protesters joined major political party don't accept the results of the errant and it would only prolong the conflict. south korea has officially announced expansion of its air defense identification sound to me john boundaries will partially open laughed and said japan and china south korea's defense ministry said on sunday that the expansion will go into effect on the standard fifteen. china established
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its air and air defense town of rwanda any of the east china sea the last month seoul wants china to be driving down because it partially overlap says alchemy as a house to include as submerged lancome feel guilt. that claim by the nation. the south korean defence ministry says expanded sound will also encompass two small islands whose airspace partially overlap each hand and sound jake you build it in the briefing japan the united states and china suggested the expansion is in line with its natural rules and is not an excessive measure. can you see plastic and some japanese and chinese officials about the observation have been used on before it takes a fact. japanese government officials say south korea's ms who will not pose a problem they say it's fundamentally different from china's down by chinese authorities to seek amy use force if foreign planes don't obey the instructions however japanese officials
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are concerned the expansion could worsen the relationship between south korea and china and at least tension in the region. the us state department said in a statement that south korea has responsibly expanded its and defense and two prior consultation. both chris and jen frankie on for a scent that the south korean government is expanding his own in a manner that's consistent with international practice and respect for the freedom of alpha flight inspectors from the international atomic energy agency and the heavy water reactor under construction in around the facilities at the center of concerns that iran is trying to obtain a broken screen plutonium iran's atomic energy agency says the inspectors began their visit to this site in the city of our run on sunday they're believed to be interviewing officials at the facility. i had a wannabe actor makes it easier to
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extract plutonium from spent nuclear fuel. if that is suspended as a means to produce a tony and progress can see it's mighty iranian officials say they want to produce the delights materials for the medical treatment of cancer and other diseases. this is the first inspection sincere man and the nuclear watchdog agreed in november on a new framework for cooperation the country had denied the iaea access to the be active for more than two years. un also agreed with six world powers last month to suspend the construction of the reactor as part of the first step to be carried out over the next six months us president barack obama has indicated that the us may allow iran to enrich ukrainian for peaceful purposes. the strict munching and constraints. it is in america's national security interests. not just israel's national security interests for the region's national security interest to prevent iran from getting a nuclear weapon obama spoke at a forum
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on u s israel relations in washington. he referred to in genteel be clean and ben and six world powers to me like some sanctions in the can for curbing iran's nuclear program. we can. in vision. a state. that gives us an assurance that even if they have some modest enrichment that though it is so constrained. and the inspections are so intrusive that they as a practical matter do not have breakout pass. exhibit c obama suggested that the us may allow iran to enrich uranium in the future. if it proves to be for peaceful use israel had criticized the new figure strongly saying he is only weakening the pressure on iran. it's time now for the latest in a business news trade representatives from twelve pacific rim countries i sit across the table from each other they're discussing the details of the massive free trade deal. i did to
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that joins us now from the business is good morning i'd be negotiated. many times before what's different this time will pass and this is their last scheduled meeting for now at least for them to reach an agreement. however catherine japanese and us officials still need to bridge gaps on contentious issues in the trans pacific partnership reach the talks are trying to find common ground in bilateral discussions with the view to closing a deal by the end of the year. yes she was soon a senior vice minister of japan's cabinet office. a us trade representative michael bowman are meeting again on monday in singapore. that's the third in four days of ministerial talks of twelve pacific rim countries. japan in the us on sunday failed to narrow their differences japanese officials likely be pitted their stance that japan can to cut tariffs on five key agricultural goods like rice and wheat. the us side apparently refuse to give in. washington says
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removing tariffs on all products is a basic principle of the ttp. us officials are also calling for a special measure that would allow them to temporarily raise tariffs on cars. that's it. japanese auto imports rise after the tee pee pee deal was closed and tears are lowered the us i made the request because of pressure from domestic carmakers. but japanese officials wouldn't budge. because varied us counterparts are compromising on farm tariffs. japan's economy in the third quarter grew slightly less than initially reported. officials at the cabinet office say the latest figures for the july to september period suggests the gdp rose by zero point three percent in real terms from the previous quarter. this translates to an annualized one point one percent growth down zero point eight percentage points from the preliminary numbers released last month. the gdp has expanded forty fourth
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consecutive quarter corporate capital spending growth was revised down to zero percent plus zero point two percent. when us stocks ended last week on a high note following positive jobs data on friday the dow jones industrial average rallied nearly two hundred points for a look at what that might mean for my kids here were enjoying a bye from the military that at the stock exchange. we had big move in the us on friday with every action here today to get ready to move to the us and a pretty big move here as well as outlook of the opening doubles for december nights and you can see quite clearly that i'm strong gains for both the nikkei and the topics this monday morning fifteen thousand five hundred and fifty seven on the nikkei right now. let's just remind your viewers however that the decay had a bit of an up and down week last week it hit a six year high last tuesday i was also higher at friday's close but that wasn't enough really to offset some of the larger declines during the other
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session and that he actually ended last week got in the negative. now i'm moving on to data investors also have some fresh economic data to go on your knee mention the gdp report of course i am japanese government also announced card account data for october are coming at minus one point two four billion dollars of courses could be more data coming out of this week which i know you can uncover a swell height of irony at the mention of the japan machinery orders due out on wednesday. that report should offer also further clues about business sentiment in japan and and also to give an indication about how economics is progressing and it also comes ahead of the main indicator of confidence which is the bank of japan's that tank and business sentiment survey which is due out the week up from a two day next monday that's to be a crucial one as well by our ever mean turning to the us for a moment that there's a lot of focus on economy there after friday's jobs in a strong numbers
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could make it more likely that the federal reserve will begin keep pulling its stimulus program soon. but if we look at stocks in the dollar it seems like investors are putting those concerns aside for the time being the king tells about that. yeah exactly that sentiment does seem to be placed in the market said we can see that in the dollar yen was dollar yen caring right now hundred people it serves six to eleven at the kid actually fell last week from lower hundred feet up under one yen levels but you can quite clearly see it's back to the harbor and the yen levels the next hurdle is to the top u s retail sales on thursday as balls business inventory which are key indicators euro yen and euro does remain strong and fast is getting more of the risk appetite the comic art she has surged into a hug and forty one yen levels up from a hundred thirty eight hundred and thirty nine arranged on friday another forty one ft twenty six to twenty eight right now. european central bank president marty o'brien didn't talk the talk didn't suggest any further the policy measures that the policy meeting last week up in buses assuming
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the eurozone economy is pretty stable now also with the focus on china's cpi coming up later. and so we'll see how that effects the japanese stocks here as most asian indexes will keep track of current sea levels as well. i'm becky turning things off with an update from the memory card from the tokyo stock exchange unknown to take a quick look and global economic calendar for this week. first the results of japan's corporate sentiment survey for the october to december quarter will come out on tuesday. sentiment among major companies improved sharply in the previous three months which marked the third straight quarter of games. on the same day treat ministers will point out four days of trans pacific partnership reached the talks in singapore. the japan's machinery orders for october will be released wednesday this key indicator of corporate equipment investment fell two point one percent in september from the previous month but it still remained at one of the highest level since the global financial crisis
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finally us retail data for november. that's due out on thursday october retail sales showed a zero point four percent month on month increase. the rise came despite a government shutdown during the month. link to an upturn in consumer spending in the country. and that's the latest to meet this hour i'll leave you with attack on the markets. the in looking young man. one circuit is japan's traditional could see us get the intangible
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cultural heritage status by unesco last week. yes thanks so much appeal are not only related to fear but to culture as well and won champion wasn't chosen just because it tastes good. in this first if the reports would focus on much of his most notable feature is. this is our new kitchens. they often consist of fish and vegetables. presentation is also an important factor. i shook a chance to make the most of products that are in season. unesco has awarded by chicago parakeets that is because of its close ties to japanese culture. this is a soup that is essential for traditional japanese casino that represents the basic idea of usher. each ingredient can be clearly tasted. think green
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separately. turnips are one of the most commonly used vegetables in winter the chef sprinkles a bit of salt over the tile fish before grilling. this enhances its semi sweet taste nancy mushrooms are highly rated among chat. they use them in a soup made from corn with seaweed and ponytail all the elements come together to form a delicious and alerting creation that stimulates the senses. it was my all time in the living seas the ingredients must be done in a way that achieves harmony and equitable if you hear constantly throw in most appealing against one after the other just because they're in season and their friends know me all you have to be helpful to maximize the effect i had to bring up the flavor nicely. unesco also keep the high rating to
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wash up. because of the clean scenes strong connection with additional benefits. it is worth the bother. i love. a good example is all safety. a traditional could be served when families come together to celebrate the new year holidays. at the end of the year. people prepared many kinds of dishes. in the past when japan was still largely an agrarian society people prepare special dishes to give thanks for the bountiful harvest. and to pray and could harvest in the new year. also see the ball from its. it has been passed down through the generations. it now represents an important part of the annual new year's get togethers. it means alot to japanese. it helps connect them to the past to nature and to one another
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the conceptual plans of skates and visual appeal the choker is the perfect expression of the japanese desire for harmony the people of japan have high hopes that the unesco status. allow people around the world to discover the true taste of japanese can be. an important part of japanese culture. we think anna's that additional action plays an important factor behind the longevity of japanese people. tomorrow we'll look at the athletes to preserve this age old way of preparing and eating it. a man you're used to leave instructions for the world's chemical weapons watchdog has called for the elimination of chemical arsenal is the brown clan. each and i can muster for years as the chief inspector for the organization for the prohibition of chemical weapons i can then start a wiki with the organization when it was established in nineteen ninety seven he served as chief instructor foot ten years. i cam as
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the japanese had much to contribute if you have read mr brown has a lot of experience in disposing of old chemical weapons and has adequate technology. so i think japan can contribute to the abolition of the arsenals in terms of its human resources and funds immunization will receive the nobel peace prize at a ceremony on tuesday. i can i say yep thought it would be difficult. like achievements to be publicly recognized because it stars often worked in sea kayaks. a generation ago people used magnetic tapes to store music and other types of day that since then you wear for men such as cds and dvd have taken their place. now engineers in japan on greenfield the technology up to date an hp of our weekend time and that explains. one school of the most sophisticated matter to take the camry call it
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the same amount of the day as i found to be the keys recently many banks and hospitals have become due a finger stick a mosey and still have ip companies such as google. some cities also use this method addicted to back up to a facilitator. was it that ensues of the prefix to as the sensor data on its one hundred to fourteen thousand citizens on the tips for safe keeping. the city with cruelty to change the way it was easy to ofsted the truth of the dunedin sound. many local governments in beatific the theory of most of audio information into disaster. steve the massive quake what week it was it that it could cause major damage and saw real reconstruction. so officers may kill me back up to date is on cakes. what stays and to diffuse this cd. yep was enough about seventeen
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hundred kilometers away on that jesus did. if you were hit by a disaster. or we can use the save the two together local government up and running again quickly. you see if we want to win for the safety and wellbeing of our citizens. there are only a few companies that produce these high performance keeps all of them in japan. one is chrissy field. even us did not get to keep stuff to being used widely. it's r and d. seven years ago. if that's even a major breakthrough in the best choice. he told it to the two minute commanded to cut costs on distant peaks to find out about because don't want to eat that candy store. researchers managed to reduce the size of each article by obama to twenty nanometers. while bunk of the thousands of on the limit
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the key is a compound called him the real parent. the same material used for motherhood fixed rates on credit cards using the same process as well put the thing that emma peel. imagine if the material is spread thinly and evenly oh boy did he the distillate and lasts twice as long as the protests we have the potential to throw the reduced the size of the magnetic particles to improve the tape because we can make even a high performance products japanese companies have a big advantage in this field the impetus for this technological breakthrough came from the arrival of the peak the camera. with the cabal been calling my pt global ip companies are recognizing the potential of the tickets and dental costs the company that storing keeps his hands over the cost
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of reduced to rights the new stars have to get through to get high speed old times the tape equipment can be turned off and doesn't require energy when it's not yours computer scientists a matinee ticket he could become a key technology for japan thank you and magnetic tape is no the only province in the arctic sea fields in which japan now holds the largest market share in. monthly data storage increases in defence position will be increasingly important in the aero peek into the matter that could be produced in japan who look set to play a crucial role as it could have caused the county's might contain industry. mchugh had been in and steal. it is time now think tank under the weather people in poland as i recover from a powerful storm. nine jersey cows this morning
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the world weather the morning catherine could to assist and has a sweat tripling the messiah video coming out from there napoleon's how blissful and happy marriage. on friday and saturday with hurricane force winds and snow. several people were reported killed and dozens injured the blizzard cause how outages affecting thousands of people for several hours the buildings were damaged in several kilometers long traffic jams work for him. so yes people are cleaning up after this mess the star system is now descending on the way down twice the black sea region the concept of whether we'll be continuing with freezing rain and mixed precipitation that could make the rose very sleek and hazardous driving conditions it was the size of the scandinavian peninsula on the other system will mean the bringing of mixed precipitation as well as with the gusty conditions. but on the clearing out here in the british isles as well as friends andy and variant that is left of the chancel are going to be added to the side lines in a ten degrees higher
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instance that seven degrees in the double digits in madrid and has been like in the eastern half though really good winter like that minus four we are high in moscow when the snow in our text. i maneuvered to the eastern continent on these ferries to nowhere. i think the main topic here in time now won't be this mom it's still on the very hazardous level and thanks to shanghai beijing. so the king actually really thick smog across the area of high pressure system is the dominant passing overhead and when we want the precipitation that natalie getting any and all the sour islam in the drink here in the south east by its remaining devoid from precipitation of constant anything anywhere where we seen this theory is the husband gets up on conditions. not only in scaring the spectacular views in shanghai but also some very unhealthy levels. we advise you to strike a stained or is as much as possible. where is the visitation is hearing the korean missile i'm asking
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of the remaining non rainy all day long here in seoul where's the south we see in the past of rain moving into western japan. some of it really welcoming brain especially in tokyo where we haven't seen me that's the main port by two weeks said. as can be very welcoming to clear out the dry air to listen more and precipitation will likely be snow on the lighter side with about ten twenty five centimeters of additional snow fall and hope i don't leave gracefully high in the north western flank of japan about forty six meters high so it can be nasty. in western areas colossus see some thunderstorms associated with that. the eighteen degrees today here the remaining get on quite clear skies with the knights at temperatures here across. comments as we had snow in california five centimeters of snow piled up and some of the regions and that's not that's the whole scene only in its precipitation is up on the eastern areas especially
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freezing rain. a very hazardous driving conditions across the mid atlantic creations and the great lakes colossus see some mixed precipitation of montevideo on the us nuclear site in the high animations. big instance that four is four year high i am still only have a hard freeze warning sound one the stunning effect across the area of the net thanks in part as. i knew. in the i know. the us. that's
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all for this edition of the sign and casting the match
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